Access AWS from Asp.Net Core 2

Today when you start developing an application in any framework, including Asp.Net Core 2, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an inevitable choice for a lot of reasons, like, multiple database technologies (relational and NoSQL), serverless options (AWS Lambda), CI/CD options (like ElasticBeanstalk & Containers) and many many more services of any type for any problem.

To connect to AWS from Asp.Net Core 2 application we need to create IAM user that has programmatic access to the platform.
After logging to AWS console using root user, we can go to Service -> Security, Identity & Compliance -> IAM -> Users – Add User.

Adding a user is a 4 steps process where we have to define type of access and permissions for services and actions that is allowed to perform.

First step: write user name or names if you want to more than one in same step

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